Ray Trygstad's Appointment Availability

Please select a service to make an appointment.

Appointments are not necessary to see me during my published office hours.

Current Student Advising

Advising for existing/current students in Information Technology and Management.

(30 minutes)

New Student Advising

Advising for new undergraduate first-year or transfer students and new graduate students; also for IIT students who wish to change majors to Information Technology and Management.

(1 hour)

Prospective Student Advising

Advising for community college students who are considering a transfer to IIT to study Information Technology and Management, or for high school students (and parents too!) who are considering entering IIT as freshmen to study Information Technology and Management. Community college or City College students should bring an unofficial transcript showing all work completed to date with grades.

(1 hour)


Live, in-person vendor pitches or meet-and-greets only. No Webexes or conference calls. Do not assume I will actually meet with you unless you receive a confirmation for the appointment.

(30 minutes)